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Tolkien Moot XIII (2017) RSVP Form

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Tolkien Moot continues to be 100% free and most events remain open to the public. However, RPG SESSIONS ARE BY INVITATION ONLY. If you received an email to this page inviting you to participate in RPG sessions, then check the RPG related information, otherwise only complete the other non-RPG information. Please take just a few moments to fill out this online RSVP registration form so that we can be prepared for you. Apologies for the length (and lack of graceful layout), but completing this form helps to provide the best experience possible for everyone attending. If you have any technical trouble completing form, please let us know: tolkienmoot at gmail dot com or Phone (USA): (509) 481-5437 (ask for Hawke).

plasticware (forks, knives, spoons), paper/plastic plates, plastic cups, coffee cups, etc. to share with everyone to help keep the host's costs down. Thank you!
Select one or more items you will be bringing.


TolkienMoot XII takes place on the third weekend of July, Saturday July 16th. This year the doors open at 7:00 am and the convention officially ends at 10:15 pm (though an option for late night socializing and gaming is open to any wishing to continue.




  • Event Organizer/Founder: Hawke Robinson
  • Email: tolkienmoot at gmail dot com
  • Phone: (USA) (509) 252-0800 (voicemail/skype)
  • Cell phone (text okay): (509) 481-5437


Extra gaming sessions are available for those "hard core gamers" that want extra sessions.

These are available before and after the normal schedule for those that request/arrange it on Friday Noon to 5:00 pm, Friday 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, Saturday 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, and Sunday 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm,

depending on game master availability (this can also include other games including board, card, video, etc.).

Universal Questionnaire
This section of the form has information that all participants must complete.
Participant Type   Select all that apply. In what capacity will you be participating in this event? You must select at least one role. You may select multiple roles. Please help by selecting at least one item to donate (food, drinks, etc.) and list in comments what you intend to bring.
Commitment Level   Please state the likelihood of your follow through on attending this event. Please note that only those who select "Fairly Firm" or "Committed" are likely to have a completely prepared character sheet based on their preferences. Only those selecting "Committed" are guaranteed seating for gaming events. There is additional seating for non-gaming events for those who are less certain about their attendance. And you may fill any empty seats as available. Anyone selecting "Tentative" or "Wishful Thinking" will probably have to use a "generic" pre-generated character and may not have an available seat, unless you contact us at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT BEGINS verifying you will be attending. This information allows the volunteers sufficient time to process your data into a prepared character sheet(s). If all game seating is filled by "Committed" RSVP registrations, subsequent "Committed" RSVP's will be next on the wait list, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you should you appear. "Fairly Firm" will be next in line on the wait list, followed by those selecting "Tentative". IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL, PLEASE CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO FREE UP YOUR SEAT FOR THOSE ON THE WAITING LIST. Email: tolkienscholars at gmail dot com or call (USA +1) 509-481-5437 to let us know as soon as possible about any changes or cancellations. Registration is on a first-come, first-reserved basis. Those listed as "committed" get highest priority, followed by "fairly firm". Those listed as tentative will be the first to be put on the wait list. Those listed as "committed" if wait listed, will be the first to come off the wait list if a seat open up.

Attendance Selection Indicate which sessions you plan to attend. Select all that apply.
Contact Preferences   Please let us know what contact methods you would like us to use. By default we generally only contact by email. Postal is rare, and phone is in case of last minute urgent issues.
Food Preferences/Restrictions   Please select any food preferences or restrictions you may have. Tolkien Moot does not control what food types are brought to the event, so if you have severe food proximity allergies (such as nuts), please be aware we can NOT make any guarantees that such allergens will not be at the event (very likely in fact), so please bring/take any necessary precautions (Epi-pen, medication taken in advance, etc.). However, if catering or food is provided, this list will help us in determining what menu options to offer.
Pot Luck Contribution   Everyone attending is expected to bring one or more items to donate "pot luck" style this year. Please select one or more items form the list below to indicate what you will be bringing to share with fellow attendees. Thank you! Note: If we get too many of one item, and too many important items missing, we may send email asking folks to modify their list so we have all the necessities covered. I will try to update this form as RSVP's come in, to indicate how many of each type have already been selected. The number after each item indicates how many others have offered to bring that item. Duplicates are welcomed, though we want to make sure all the basics are covered first.
Accomodations Where will you be residing during the event? Local resident means you already reside in the greater Spokane/WA or Coeur d'Alene area and will not be residing elsewhere during the event. Friend or Family means you will be staying at a friend's or family's location. Hotel/Motel means you will be staying at a hotel or motel in the area (NOTE: Please check the Tolkien Moot website for special event pricing at local hotels/motels). Hostel means you have made arrangements to "crash" at somebody's place (such as Hawke's) during the event. Unknown means you do not yet know where you will be staying. Other means it is not listed, but you know. For Unknown or Other, please provide additional information in the comments section.
Player Questionnaire
Please indicate that types of gaming activities in which you wish to participate. If you are only attending for the broadcast and audience events and do not intend to participate in any gaming, please select "audience-only" or "online-only".
Participate in RPG Sessions? Select IF YOU RECEIVED AN INVITATION FROM THE ORGANIZERS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RPG SESSIONS this year. If you did not receive an explicit invitation, then either select that you will not be participating in tabletop or live-action RPG sessions (but you are welcome to participate in other activities in parallel), or select that though you did not receive an invitation you would like to be added to the wait list to potentially receive such an invitation.

Participation Type   ONLY COMPLETE THE ROLE-PLAYING GAMING SECTIONS IF YOU WERE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE! will only be participating/watching as an online audience member, and will not be participating in any games. I will only be participating as an on site audience member or volunteer, and will not be participating in any games. I will be on site and participating in one or more games as indicated below.

Gaming Activities Participation Please indicate preferred gaming activities at Tolkien Moot. All activities are Tolkien-related.
Preferred Character Class/Profession
Other Games Systems of Interest We cannot guarantee that the game system you select will be the system available this year (that depends heavily on which Game Masters we have each year), but your selection will count as a vote towards which game systems will be offered, and which table(s) you will be assigned to. Please keep in mind that firm commitments to attending Tolkien Moot will be more of a determining factor than tentative commitments.
Where did you learn about Tolkien Moot?   Please select how you learned about Tolkien Moot. Check all that apply.
Legalese & Disclaimers

Please be patient when you click the Submit button.

If the server is very busy, it can take a few seconds or up to a minute to finish the submission process, please just be patient and do NOT push the submit button more than once (unless you are correcting errors that the server pointed out for your to correct and resubmit).

Thank you for your patience. We look forward to seeing you at Tolkienmoot!